“If you want to change the world, start by wearing it!”

The unique shop of Moda en Positivo, located in the Gracia Neighborhood (Barcelona). / Photo: MEP

Inspired by their ecological values, in November 2013 Beatriz Valdivia y Albert Cediel started “Moda en Positivo”, a multi-functional platform devoted to sustainable fashion. Their shop is located in the Gracia neighborhood, one of Barcelona’s most picturesque areas. There you can find – among others- artisan products made out of ecologic or recycled materials.

A few weeks ago we talked to Beatriz Valdivia, who told us all about this exciting project and shared with us her long experience working in the sector.

What is “Moda en Positivo” ?
A space that was born with the goal of commercializing accessories, jewelry, shoes and timeless clothes. These items have been made through artisan techniques by small designers, single mothers or indigenous communities. Read more

Time for a DETOX!

Time for a DETOX!

Eva and Rebecca / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

Throwing your old clothes away whenever you get tired of them is no longer an option. Especially now that we can find a long list of initiatives created to give us interesting alternatives to renew our wardrobe without having to enlarge the waste cycle or pulluting the environment any further. Would you like to have an example?

Last Saturday, June 13, we attended the clothes swap party organised by Greenpeace Düsseldorf in the framework of their global DETOX campaign. The approach of the event was that you could bring in some of those clothes you haven’t been wearing that much lately, and in exchange you could take home as many other t-shirts, trousers, dresses, shoes or complements as you wanted. Of course, the first premise was not a must. If you were just stepping by spontaneously you could still pick something up for free!

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