An oasis of organic fabrics and efortless sophistication

An oasis of organic fabrics and efortless sophistication

Eva is wearing a jumpsuit by Komodo and an armband by Umiwi
/ PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We did this photo shooting in collaboration with Fräulein Bredow – Green Concept Store. Located in the neighbourhood of Derendorf, on Roßstraße 9, this spacious and well lit boutique sells clothes and complements produced by different ecological brands.

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We would especially like to thank the shop owner, the German designer Sia Bredow, who helped us create these casual and sophisticated ecoLooks (100% slow fashion outfits). The light textures, colourful patterns and flower inspiration makes me think of Summer drawing closer and closer everyday.

On the other hand, we would also like to recommend you to have a look at the website of  Umiwi – not a fairy tale. The beautiful armbands I am wearing for the shooting have been produced by this German brand that works together with local designers and craftsmen in Thailand and Mexico to create accessories out of natural and regional resources. Their main goal is to give more financial autonomy and independence to charity projects that were depending on donations only. Of course, they also operate under social, economic and environmental sustainability standars. Read more