Love and peace and handmade treasures

 Hippy Market Punta Arabí IBIZA // PHOTO: Rossana Photography

There might be a few things about Ibiza you didn’t know if you haven’t been there yet. Apart from its unique atmosphere, beautiful weather and breathtaking serpentines, the place has a lot more to offer. As a matter fact, if you visit the island in the off-season, you might be able to enjoy empty and peaceful bays and beaches wrapped up in the most magical light.

But we are not done yet. Ibiza also offers a great opportunity to experience history together with shopping.  Have you heard about its famous Hippy Market? Read more

“If you want to change the world, start by wearing it!”

The unique shop of Moda en Positivo, located in the Gracia Neighborhood (Barcelona). / Photo: MEP

Inspired by their ecological values, in November 2013 Beatriz Valdivia y Albert Cediel started “Moda en Positivo”, a multi-functional platform devoted to sustainable fashion. Their shop is located in the Gracia neighborhood, one of Barcelona’s most picturesque areas. There you can find – among others- artisan products made out of ecologic or recycled materials.

A few weeks ago we talked to Beatriz Valdivia, who told us all about this exciting project and shared with us her long experience working in the sector.

What is “Moda en Positivo” ?
A space that was born with the goal of commercializing accessories, jewelry, shoes and timeless clothes. These items have been made through artisan techniques by small designers, single mothers or indigenous communities. Read more

A world of imagination

A world of imagination

All the jewelries and accessories that appear on these photos have been designed by the eco-friendly brand 2.elämä, and are made out of recycled materials such as car and bicycle inner tubes and computer components. Furthermore, these products have been handcrafted in Helsinki (Finland), and no extra adhesives and heavy machinery has been employed in the production process so that the items can be properly recycled again once there are not used anymore.

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Todas las joyas y accesorios que aparecen en este reportaje han sido diseñadas por 2.elämä, y están confeccionadas a partir de materiales reciclados (tales como llantas de coche o bicicleta y componentes de ordenador). Además, estos productos han sido hechos a mano artesanalmente en Helsinki (Finlandia) sin emplear en el proceso maquinaria pesada o elementos corrosivos. De esta forma, los complementos pueden reciclarse de nuevo correctamente una vez que dejan de ser utilizados.

Para conocer todos los detalles sobre la filosofía de la marca y su compromiso con los valores de sostenibilidad no dejes de visitar las dos entradas que les hemos dedicado en eco-Komorebi:

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