Yooyama: art or decoration?

Interior @ Yooyama / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

Entering the shop, Yooyama feels like crossing an invisible door to a very special museum exhibition. All the items on sale (from design pieces of furniture to small decoration articles) present a touch of uniqueness. It’s impossible not to feel the need of spending a little time observing each of them. You want to take everything home with you, that’s for sure. But there is more to it than that: you want this world of original colours and shapes to trigger your imagination. You feel a strong desire to reach out to the hidden artist within you.

“We started this project about two and a half years ago,” says Johanna Spielberg, who co-owns the store hand in hand with Volker Jöcks. “The idea was to run a store and an online shop for young artists. Each of us is a potential collector; we tend to keep things that represent good memories. So, we wanted to recreate at the store that same collection you would have at home. For that purpose we decided to work with three different actors: renowned brands, newbies (smaller companies like dassie or art & atmosphere) and young artists. All of them work sustainable, are socially engaged or implement ecological values.” Read more

Your organic skin care with Saponeria Sile

Your organic skin care with Saponeria Sile

Detail of the shop interior // PHOTO: Sarah Bastianello

There is a tiny door on the main street of Casale sul Sile – a small town located a few kilometres from Venice. It’s the entrance to Saponeria Sile, a magical place where the word “organic” is a mantra. The name of the shop was inspired by a green serpentine of water flowing in the middle of the Veneto, which also boasts the title of the Natural Park of River Sile.

The idea behind the shop goes back 12 years, when Nicola Ghedin and his partners decided that entrusting our daily routine to products with uncertain origin and ingredients couldn’t be the only option. That’s the reason why they came out with a strong organic approach for their business: selling natural products for skin care and housekeeping. All of them certified and dermatologically tested.

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