An honest Contribution to Amsterdam’s Green Scene

Geitenwollenwinkel – Concept Store in Amsterdam / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We have talked to Lavinia and Abigail Bakker, the two young owners of Geitenwollenwinkel, a shop with a lot of charm that sells wonderful sustainable fashion. If you happen to be in Amsterdam don’t miss the chance to pay them a visit. You won’t regret it!

Tell us a little about the shop’s story. How would you describe your business concept? When did you open?
Everything you find in our store is Green, Honest and Vegan. So everything is made with respect for nature, people and animals. The store opened in December 2014 and the journey so far is great! We just launched our online store as well.

What brands are you working with?
We sell brands like: Kowtow, Rel Fake, L’Herbe Rouge, Groceries, Geitenwollenshirts, Armedangels, Wunderwerk, Peolple Tree & bags from Matt & Nat. We also have skincare from Esse, bodywash from Dr Bronners and various home products.

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A dream come true for the bohemian bride

Bride collection Summer 2015 // PHOTO: Mimetik Bcn

We met Mireia Solsona, founder of MIMÈTIK Bcn. The brand’s romantic bride collections and its original convertible party dresses make the delights of those women who not only aim for the perfect look but also value a fair production process and a timeless design.

What can you tell us about the beginnings of the brand?
The beginnings go back to 2007, when I was still finishing my architecture studies. Some years ago I had already had the opportunity to travel to India, Greece and Thailand, and every time my attention was lead to the same thing: the traditional garments women were wearing in these countries. Those dresses had the interesting characteristic of being convertible – thus, they could suit both skinny and pregnant women. The size didn’t change. I immediately thought that this was exactly the opposite of what was happening within the fashion industry in the Occidental World, where we are offered a lot of different sizes that make it difficult for us to use the same items from one season to the next the moment your body changes a bit.

And how can you adapt the same dress to different body sizes?
The key is to work with geometrical patterns, with no concrete shape. Plus, each of us women brings out her own femininity in a different way. That’s the reason why it is important that one dress can become many others. I wanted us to have a chance to explore our own creativity – and, at the same time, fight the fast fashion industry.

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RUTA 10 – your old car tires will be your new bag!

RUTA 10 – your old car tires will be your new bag!

Clutch and accessories made out of recycled rubber. // PHOTO: RUTA 10

“What happens to the planet also happens to you”. That’s the motto of the Uruguayan ethical fashion brand RUTA 10. They create extraordinary bags and accessories made out of recycled rubber, which they obtain from old bicycle and car tires. They also try to always surprise their customers by cooperating with plastic artists and by adding some other materials to their designs, such as pure merino wool that is colored with natural dyes.

2008 was the year everything changed for Uruguayan Ana de León. After a long career in PR and event organization she decided it was time to stop, recharge energies and figure out what her next step would be. She had always had a passion for bags and design, so she knew that was going to be the key for a future project. She just wasn’t sure about the “how”. Until one day she remembered a trip to Barcelona she had made a few years ago, where she got to exchange a few words with an artisan who told her about his bags being made of recycled rubber.

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An oasis of organic fabrics and efortless sophistication

An oasis of organic fabrics and efortless sophistication

Eva is wearing a jumpsuit by Komodo and an armband by Umiwi
/ PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We did this photo shooting in collaboration with Fräulein Bredow – Green Concept Store. Located in the neighbourhood of Derendorf, on Roßstraße 9, this spacious and well lit boutique sells clothes and complements produced by different ecological brands.

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We would especially like to thank the shop owner, the German designer Sia Bredow, who helped us create these casual and sophisticated ecoLooks (100% slow fashion outfits). The light textures, colourful patterns and flower inspiration makes me think of Summer drawing closer and closer everyday.

On the other hand, we would also like to recommend you to have a look at the website of  Umiwi – not a fairy tale. The beautiful armbands I am wearing for the shooting have been produced by this German brand that works together with local designers and craftsmen in Thailand and Mexico to create accessories out of natural and regional resources. Their main goal is to give more financial autonomy and independence to charity projects that were depending on donations only. Of course, they also operate under social, economic and environmental sustainability standars. Read more