An oasis of organic fabrics and efortless sophistication

An oasis of organic fabrics and efortless sophistication

Eva is wearing a jumpsuit by Komodo and an armband by Umiwi
/ PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We did this photo shooting in collaboration with Fräulein Bredow – Green Concept Store. Located in the neighbourhood of Derendorf, on Roßstraße 9, this spacious and well lit boutique sells clothes and complements produced by different ecological brands.

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We would especially like to thank the shop owner, the German designer Sia Bredow, who helped us create these casual and sophisticated ecoLooks (100% slow fashion outfits). The light textures, colourful patterns and flower inspiration makes me think of Summer drawing closer and closer everyday.

On the other hand, we would also like to recommend you to have a look at the website of  Umiwi – not a fairy tale. The beautiful armbands I am wearing for the shooting have been produced by this German brand that works together with local designers and craftsmen in Thailand and Mexico to create accessories out of natural and regional resources. Their main goal is to give more financial autonomy and independence to charity projects that were depending on donations only. Of course, they also operate under social, economic and environmental sustainability standars. Read more

Complements that feel like compliments

Complements that feel like compliments

“By recycling we contribute to a cleaner atmosphere. Furthermore, we save energy, prime materials and natural resources. Ultimately we help preservate the environment and do our share towards a more sustainable world.” (Sandra Catalán)

We created this photo story in collaboration with Biribiro Handmade Lovers, a young brand that was born in Bristol (UK) almost one year ago and sells different kinds of complements – which are mostly made out of recycled fabrics. From necklaces, brooches or headdresses, to toiletries, crochet-knitted purses and scarfs. You can see a sample of their fresh and colourful designs on the photo-gallery we have prepared for you!

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Patterns that make us feel

We created this photo story in collaboration with the Italian ecological silkscreen by  Tundra Stamperia. The products they commercialise have been handmade; in addition, they always make sure to work with organic or recycled materials as well as cloths manufactured according to fair trade standars.

Apart from their own designs (an indredibly soft t-shirt with a geometric pattern made out of bamboo, a pink body for babies with a whale-pattern and a really fun notebook), our friends from Tundra also sent us a colourful combination consisting of a bracelet and earrings that has been handcrafted in Ghana. These accessories are sold for charitable purposes by Ancora of Hope Organization (ANCHOR), a local NGO that is trying to fund a school centre in the African country.

If you didn’t have a chance yet to read the article we wrote about Tundra, click on the following link and find out all the details about the ecological approach and ethical values of the brand:

· The magic colours of the Tundra.


Hemos elaborado este reportaje en colaboración con la serigrafía ecológica italiana Tundra Stamperia. Los productos que comercializa esta marca están hechos a mano; además, siempre trabajan con materiales orgánicos o reciclados, y prendas de ropa confeccionadas de acuerdo a los estándares internacionales de comercio justo.

Por otra parte, junto a sus propios diseños (una camiseta de estampado geométrico hecha a partir de bambú, un body rosa para bebés con el dibujo de una ballena y un divertido cuaderno), nuestros amigos de Tundra también nos han mandado un colorido conjunto de pendientes y pulsera hecho artesanalmente en Ghana. Estos accesorios son vendidos con fines solidarios por Ancora of Hope Organization (ANCHOR), una ONG local que está intentando financiar un centro escolar en el país africano.

Si todavía no has tenido oportunidad de leer nuestro artículo sobre Tundra, pincha en el siguiente link y descubre en qué consiste el planteamiento ecológico de la marca y sus valores éticos:

· Los colores mágicos de la Tundra.


A world of imagination

A world of imagination

All the jewelries and accessories that appear on these photos have been designed by the eco-friendly brand 2.elämä, and are made out of recycled materials such as car and bicycle inner tubes and computer components. Furthermore, these products have been handcrafted in Helsinki (Finland), and no extra adhesives and heavy machinery has been employed in the production process so that the items can be properly recycled again once there are not used anymore.

To know all the details about the brand’s philosphy and sustainability values you can visit the two blog posts eco-Komorebi has dedicated to them:

· The sweetest second life.
· Interview with Jaime de Vizcaya and Yuan Long.


Todas las joyas y accesorios que aparecen en este reportaje han sido diseñadas por 2.elämä, y están confeccionadas a partir de materiales reciclados (tales como llantas de coche o bicicleta y componentes de ordenador). Además, estos productos han sido hechos a mano artesanalmente en Helsinki (Finlandia) sin emplear en el proceso maquinaria pesada o elementos corrosivos. De esta forma, los complementos pueden reciclarse de nuevo correctamente una vez que dejan de ser utilizados.

Para conocer todos los detalles sobre la filosofía de la marca y su compromiso con los valores de sostenibilidad no dejes de visitar las dos entradas que les hemos dedicado en eco-Komorebi:

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