7 style tips for wedding guests… with an eco-twist!

Convertible dress by Mimétik Bcn

The thing with weddings is that we just don’t get enough of them. So, for those of us who enjoy dressing up for big events, we certainly face the risk of overdoing our outfit led by the excitement of the moment.

This is why at ecoKomorebi we have joined forces to offer you a list of personal recommendations that we think are useful when preparing an outstanding “wedding guest look”.

  1. Bet on comfort. Remember that you will have to go through long hours of social interaction: starting with the ceremony and ending up at the dance floor! So, there is no reason to sabotage yourself by picking up the wrong accessories – especially now that there are so many comfy platform sandals to choose from.
  2. Plan ahead. You don’t want to be deciding on what to wear or how to wear it the day before the event. Try out your outfit quietly at home so that you can pay attention to detail. For instance, getting the right underwear is essential. Is your bra or the seam of your panties showing? Will your jewellery or headdress hold their positions all through the day/night?
  3. Work in advance. If possible, shave and do your nails the day before. That way you can later on focus only on your hair and make-up.
  4. Establish priorities. Or, in other words, “less is more” – sometimes much more. If you want to give prominence to your back with a special neckline, don’t try to also show off your legs or other body parts too much. Balance is the key… and the same principle applies to your beauty look. If you are already wearing a sophisticated hairstyle, you may want to keep your make-up natural.
  5. Avoid obvious trends and major fashion labels. By escaping the season trends and multinational fashion chains you can be sure to make a unique, refreshing and original appearance.
  6. Make a statement. The fact that you have to make choices and give a structure to your look doesn´t mean that you need to be boring! A wedding is still a great opportunity to have fun and reveal a part of yourself to the world through your personal style.
  7. Go sustainable. Think before buying. Maybe you can borrow a nice dress from a friend or re-style one of your old ones. In case you really want to get new clothes, consider buying from local retailers or family businesses – they will really appreciate your purchase. Prime materials are also important, have a look at the eco-friendly alternatives you may find around you. Also, you want to make sure the clothes were produced under fair work conditions (labels that operate with transparency usually offer plenty of information about it on their websites). Last but not least, make sure you buy a versatile piece of clothing you can adapt to different purposes and events in the future.