An honest Contribution to Amsterdam’s Green Scene

Geitenwollenwinkel – Concept Store in Amsterdam / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We have talked to Lavinia and Abigail Bakker, the two young owners of Geitenwollenwinkel, a shop with a lot of charm that sells wonderful sustainable fashion. If you happen to be in Amsterdam don’t miss the chance to pay them a visit. You won’t regret it!

Tell us a little about the shop’s story. How would you describe your business concept? When did you open?
Everything you find in our store is Green, Honest and Vegan. So everything is made with respect for nature, people and animals. The store opened in December 2014 and the journey so far is great! We just launched our online store as well.

What brands are you working with?
We sell brands like: Kowtow, Rel Fake, L’Herbe Rouge, Groceries, Geitenwollenshirts, Armedangels, Wunderwerk, Peolple Tree & bags from Matt & Nat. We also have skincare from Esse, bodywash from Dr Bronners and various home products.

Unfortunately, the “low cost” model is little by little conquering the world. How does this reality affect your costumer’s reaction to prices?
The store is in an area in Amsterdam where there are more high segment stores. We get a lot of responses from customers that we are rather cheap for the great qualities and fabrics. We sell our own brand Geitenwollenshirts and the prices start from 14,95 € for a shirt and 44,95 € for sweaters (organic cotton and fairly made), so that explains a lot.

How do you see the future? Are you planning to open new shops in other cities/countries?
We want to become a multi store company in the world. To us Geitenwollenshirts is the countermovement to H&M and Zara and that’s how big we want to become.