New season: Fall(ing) in love with Qualcosanostra

Italian leather bracelets / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We came across this unique Italian brand a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t long until we started collaborating with them in the creation of this blog post. This time we asked Kostik Gloomer, one of the founders of the brand, to tell us a bit more about their business philosophy. So, all through the following lines you’ll get a first-hand insight of the delicate work they develop. Bracelets have been their main item for selling so far, and we had the opportunity to photograph three different models surrounded by a magical autumn background. Of course, you’ll find the entire collection on their website

“The brand Qualcosanostra was founded about one year ago in the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia. We always dreamed about a small production of something elegant, so we started brainstorming about the different options we had.

In that regard, I found a laser cutting machine that gave us the flexibility we needed to produce different items keeping our commitment with quality standards. I was an engineer in the past, so it wasn’t difficult to understand how the machine works. Actually, I was also familiar with vector-graphic software, which was also crucial to create the designs we wanted. We combine the use of the machine with hand-stitching in those stages of the production process that require it.

We decided vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany would be our main material because it’s a more natural, ecologic and health-friendly variety. Also, we found nickel-free snap buttons and original Swarovski elements with the same hypoallergenic properties.

Our designs are created by me in collaboration with a third member of the team who is a highly experienced graphic designer. Our main priority is to find a good balance between minimalism and perfectionism. It should be elegant, but simple and easy to wear.

Currently, our main markets are the USA and Italy, but we are planning to reach the UK and Germany. And, of course, apart from bracelets we are also going to produce bags, wallets and other leather items. And we just bought a beautiful vintage Italian sewing machine because it’s robust and makes a perfect stitch. So, stay tuned for great things to come!

All the best,
Kostik, Michele, Anastasiia. ”