A dream come true for the bohemian bride

Bride collection Summer 2015 // PHOTO: Mimetik Bcn

We met Mireia Solsona, founder of MIMÈTIK Bcn. The brand’s romantic bride collections and its original convertible party dresses make the delights of those women who not only aim for the perfect look but also value a fair production process and a timeless design.

What can you tell us about the beginnings of the brand?
The beginnings go back to 2007, when I was still finishing my architecture studies. Some years ago I had already had the opportunity to travel to India, Greece and Thailand, and every time my attention was lead to the same thing: the traditional garments women were wearing in these countries. Those dresses had the interesting characteristic of being convertible – thus, they could suit both skinny and pregnant women. The size didn’t change. I immediately thought that this was exactly the opposite of what was happening within the fashion industry in the Occidental World, where we are offered a lot of different sizes that make it difficult for us to use the same items from one season to the next the moment your body changes a bit.

And how can you adapt the same dress to different body sizes?
The key is to work with geometrical patterns, with no concrete shape. Plus, each of us women brings out her own femininity in a different way. That’s the reason why it is important that one dress can become many others. I wanted us to have a chance to explore our own creativity – and, at the same time, fight the fast fashion industry.

How did you manage to jump from architecture to fashion?
I did a pattern designing course while I was finishing my degree, and I also started researching on the standard size I was looking for (one size that could work well with different bodies). I kept working on new designs and attending specialised fairs, until in 2009 I decided to open my online shop in ETSY – a platform exclusively for handmade items. Back then I was only working part-time for the brand. But when the financial crisis hit us hard, the architecture studio I was working for closed down. So, it was the perfect opportunity to start putting all my energies in MIMÈTIK.

Mireia’s designs are distinctively bohemian and romantic // PHOTO: Mimetik Bcn

And how did the brand eventually consolidate itself?
I was admitted into a program for entrepreneurs that took place in Barcelona for several months. I had great tutors who helped me create my own business plan. Then, another turning point came in 2011 when I met the Spanish writer Lucía Extebarría at the “Nómada Market” in Madrid and she asked me to design her wedding dress. I did it as a one-time thing, but three years later, in September 2014, I had strengthened the team and we decided to start working on a new collection for brides. Lastly, it also helped in terms of me having already found the two local ateliers I would be collaborating with on a regular basis for the production.

Are you planning to expand in the future?
Yes, we want to start by opening a showroom in Barcelona – exclusively for brides, so that they can ask for an appointment to try on the dresses. Also, a few years ago we opened a few selling points in Portugal and France. And now we are going to start doing wholesale in the USA (which is also the country where most part of our online clients are located).

MIMÈTIK Bcn has a new website! Check it out: http://mimetikbcn.com