The strength of the Amazon Forest in your bag

Arbol de caucho shiringa
Natural latex being extracted from the syringa tree. // PHOTO: Evea Ecofashion

After traveling through part of the Amazon rainforest in 2011, Peruvian Cristian Gutiérrez fell in love with the majestic landscape and the local communities that inhabited it. At the same time, he became aware of the immense danger that threatened it: the rapid deforestation process.

That’s the reason why, in collaboration with two other colleagues, he decided to start working on a project that would contribute to the protection of the natural resources of the area, and to the survival of the wisdom and rich traditions of its ancient towns.

Cartera Belinda Evea
Belinda bag. // PHOTO: Evea Ecofashion

That is how Evea Ecofashion was born. This brand, specialized in the design of accessories, has entered the local and global market with a very particular vision that consists of two things:

  1. Using natural latex extracted from the bark of the syringa tree for the manufacture of their products.

  2. Empowering local communities, who apply an ancient technique to manually obtain the latex from the trees and transform it into vegan leather. The trees stay alive and subsequently regenerate themselves.

Through this collaboration with the local artisans, Evea fulfills its social and environmental goals. On the one hand, they prevent trees from being cut down. On the other hand, they maintain fair salaries for the families they work with. Plus, this project has been granted supervision to over 300 hectares of land, thus protecting them from being attacked by illegal bands.

The bags and wallets commercialized by Evea tell us the story of the delicate hands that made them, and bring us closer to the magical scent of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Comunero trabajando una manta de latex para Evea - cuero vegetal
A Peruvian community working on the manufacture of vegan leather. // PHOTO: Evea Ecofashion
Colorante natural para cuero vegetal Evea
Natural colouring for vegan leather. // PHOTO: Eva Ecofashion
Proceso de mantas de latex para Evea - cuero vegetal
Part of the vegan leather manufacture process. // PHOTO: Evea Ecofashion
Morral Evea
Morral bag, perfect to transport books. // PHOTOS: Evea Ecofashion