Eva – Journalist & Editor

My name is Eva, I come from Spain and I am a journalist. After a couple of years living in Helsinki, in December 2013 I moved to Dusseldorf, where I have been putting a lot of effort into learning German and finding new exciting job opportunities.

In the Summer of 2014, after been introduced to the talented photographer Rossana Altrhein, we decided to join forces to launch a thematic blog that would allow us to grow both personally and professionally. Thus, the ecoKomorebi project was born. Our goal was to present the fashion industry from a different perspective. We agreed that all the brands, designers and diverse lifestyle initiatives featured on our site would need to have something in common: they had to be making a positive contribution to society. How? Well, by producing ethically and trying to minimize the environmental footprint of their commercial activity.

As you know, our economic system is based on irrational consume. We constantly buy stuff we don’t actually need without stopping for a second to think how it has been produced and where it all goes once we are done using it. The consequence of this behaviour is clear: we are polluting the Earth to an extend previously unknown.

We need a change – and we need it now. We need to start taking responsibility for our actions. Let’s get together and find alternative ways to consume that show actual respect both for people and nature. This blog is my humble way of working actively to achieve this goal…and I would be more than happy to hold your hand along the way. WELCOME HOME!


Rossana – Marketing & Photography

My name is Rossana and I am working as Online Marketing Specialist for a company in Düsseldorf. I moved here from Siegen a couple of years ago for a master program in Business Administration and fell in love with the city instantly – its diverse scenery, people and lifestyle.

Since I was little I have always loved photography and music. Besides singing and songwriting, I spent a lot of my spare time taking pictures and experimenting with digital image processing. Through the years, my interest and passion for professional photography grew and I specialized in people and fashion photography using natural light.

In 2014 I got to meet the wonderful journalist Eva Blanco, who became one of my dearest friends. I am very fortunate that our paths crossed, and that together we put her idea of creating a blog about sustainability into action. Reflecting more and more about how the economy functions and links to consumer behavior has made me realize two things: we harm not only the environment, but are also responsible for people suffering while trying to buy things at lowest costs. Fortunately, a wind of change is blowing through the food and fashion industry. And each one of us can contribute to that change.

„Each one of us can make a difference. Together we can make a change.“

– Barbara Mikulski


Klaudia – Instagram


I am Klaudia and I joined ecoKomorebi when Eva and Rossana had already built up a wonderful blog with lots of content. I have always been a big fan of the project, not only because both of them were friends of mine. I admire these two amazing women for their creativity and passion. When they asked me to support them with Instagram, I did not hesitate to accept. I wanted to help bringing their message out there, because the topic of sustainability also makes me reflect and change my behaviour in a good way.

I have been writing all kinds of texts ever since I know how to write and it has always been my dream to work within this field. I believe that “you will always be successful if you do what you love”. That is why I quit my first job and went back to university to study Communication. And it worked.

After my daily job I keep myself busy with a lot of stuff: I love doing sports – there is nothing more relaxing than a long run at the Rhine. I also enjoy the company of my friends, my chosen family, who means a lot to me. I am kind of always on tour and rarely at home. I love to travel the world, meeting friends and new people. And of course I love fashion. I am not so much into brands; the products’ quality is most important to me. I like them to have something extraordinary that would make me fall into a long term relationship with them.

I think a lot about how to make a positive impact on society and, hopefully, my contribution to ecoKomorebi will be part of it! So: BE GOOD – but be yourself.