An honest Contribution to Amsterdam’s Green Scene

Geitenwollenwinkel – Concept Store in Amsterdam / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

We have talked to Lavinia and Abigail Bakker, the two young owners of Geitenwollenwinkel, a shop with a lot of charm that sells wonderful sustainable fashion. If you happen to be in Amsterdam don’t miss the chance to pay them a visit. You won’t regret it!

Tell us a little about the shop’s story. How would you describe your business concept? When did you open?
Everything you find in our store is Green, Honest and Vegan. So everything is made with respect for nature, people and animals. The store opened in December 2014 and the journey so far is great! We just launched our online store as well.

What brands are you working with?
We sell brands like: Kowtow, Rel Fake, L’Herbe Rouge, Groceries, Geitenwollenshirts, Armedangels, Wunderwerk, Peolple Tree & bags from Matt & Nat. We also have skincare from Esse, bodywash from Dr Bronners and various home products.

Unfortunately, the “low cost” model is little by little conquering the world. How does this reality affect your costumer’s reaction to prices? Read more

Catching a GLIMPSE of hope in Mumbai

Catching a GLIMPSE of hope in Mumbai

The fashion collections of Glimpse Clothing are currently being produced by 15 women. They are located in Mumbai (India), and unfortunately all of them have something in common: a past of forced prostitution. This young German brand, founded in 2012, works in cooperation with a local NGO to offer these girls the possibility of earning a fair salary while learning a profession. Their goal? Make sure they don’t need to go back to selling their bodies.

Spring/Summer collection for men./ PHOTO: Glimpse Clothing

“When I finished my studies I took a year off because I wanted to find out what to do with my passion for fashion,” explains Teresa Göppel, fashion designer and one of the founders of Glimpse Clothing, to answer to my previous question about the brands origins. “It simply didn’t make sense for me to work for the conventional fashion business because of its lack of social values. I thought that at the end of my life I might look back and ask myself what I had done with the power of my hands. If I had only pleased the richness and the beauty of this world I don’t think I would have accomplished much.”

Teresa was travelling in Australia when she got acquainted with a couple who had a project in Thailand to reintegrate prostitutes to society by teaching them a profession. They shared their views and experiences and she started a temporary cooperation with them which inspired her to follow a similar path. Read more

Fräulein Bredow, where GREEN is more than just a colour

Fräulein Bredow, where GREEN is more than just a colour

The shop’s brochure

What am I doing here? That’s exactly what Sia Bredow asked herself after having worked as a designer for a few years for the conventional fashion industry. “Everything was so contrary to my beliefs, until one day I just quitted,” explains Sia to us while enjoying a cup of green tea. “I was totally unhappy, but that’s not easy to see when you get all caught up in the daily routine. Sometimes you are just too used to the things that surround you to be able to refelct on the troubles you are facing.”

After dropping her job she needed a break to figure out what her next step was going to be. She wanted to reconnect with herself and listen to her own thoughts – without feeling the influence of other people. So she decided to take some time off and headed out to the North of Spain, where El Camino de Santiago (also known in English as the Way of St. James) awaited her. She started in Le Puy en Velay, in France, and travelled nearly 2000 km by foot. Read more

A (green) table for two!

A (green) table for two!

Two weeks ago Rossana and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Greenies. This restaurant opened its doors in Düsseldorf almost one year ago, in March 2014. Ever since, it has been winning over all kinds of paladates (including those highly attached to the consumption of meat – like mine!) with their rich offer of vegan and vegetarian food.

His owner is called Bernar Walker, and he is a young german enterpreneur who is trying his luck for the first time in the restaurant sector. Together with his mother, who is to be spotted in the kitchen, and his sister, who helps attending the customers, Bernar has embarked on an extraordinary adventure that, judging from the warmth welcome the local community has given to Greenies, can take him to beautiful unexpected places.

The fresh approach presented by the restaurant consists of an ambitious bet on sustainability – a concept that had been spinning around Bernar’s mind already back in his days as student of philosophy at the university.

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