The little pleasures of buying (and selling) second hand

The little pleasures of buying (and selling) second hand

A shop full of surprises. // Photo by ROSSANA Photography

There is no better way to realize how much stuff you have that you no longer use than facing the draconian task of organizing your closet. It’s amazing the quantity of non-practical items we are able to accumulate there through the years – even when you try to consume rationally and buy just one, two (or even none) new clothes per season.

So, if you are looking for ideas to downsize, but care about the environment and don’t want to get rid of things by throwing them away, you should pay attention to the following solution.

A few weeks ago we visited a very special second hand shop in Düsseldorf called BROKE (Tussmannstrasse 5). It was truly interesting to get to know the owner and discuss with her more in detail the way in which the business works. She told us, for instance, that everyone is welcome to bring their old clothes, shoes and accessories to be re-sold in there. Of course, the better the condition of the items, the more possibilities you have to succeed in your goal.

In this case, the prices are fixed in agreement between the owner of the clothes and the shop manager. The items will be shown at the store over a 3-month period and the benefits coming from the selling are divided 50% for each part. What means, not only will you gain space in your wardrobe but also a little economic profit will come out of it.

On the other hand, remember that second hand shopping brings us a lot of pleasures also from the consumer point of view:

Environmental. You will be preventing the clothes from slowly decomposing in a landfill while releasing heavy metals into the soil and groundwater.
o Economical. You will save money when buying, and make money when selling.
o Sentimental. The clothes that have been worn by somebody else already have a story and, from the moment you buy them on, you will be responsible to continue writing that story. In a way, this means you will be connected to the complete stranger who first owned them… How fun is that?


Tens of local treasures under the same roof

Tens of local treasures under the same roof

It’s market time!

Düsseldorf’s finest is our latest great discovery. On Saturday we paid a visit to this multi-space market that gathers together some of the most authentic brands, designers and concept stores of the city. The event, originally promoted by the communications agency Kollektiv K, will be open again on the weekend of 10th and 11th June at Stilwerk (Grünstraße 15).

Small retailers selling sustainable clothes and items made out of recycled materials, fashion labels that produce locally and a lot of handcrafted jewellery, accessories and printings. In other words, everything that turns us on! Not to forget the quality food and different music performances. Read more

Yooyama: art or decoration?

Interior @ Yooyama / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

Entering the shop, Yooyama feels like crossing an invisible door to a very special museum exhibition. All the items on sale (from design pieces of furniture to small decoration articles) present a touch of uniqueness. It’s impossible not to feel the need of spending a little time observing each of them. You want to take everything home with you, that’s for sure. But there is more to it than that: you want this world of original colours and shapes to trigger your imagination. You feel a strong desire to reach out to the hidden artist within you.

“We started this project about two and a half years ago,” says Johanna Spielberg, who co-owns the store hand in hand with Volker Jöcks. “The idea was to run a store and an online shop for young artists. Each of us is a potential collector; we tend to keep things that represent good memories. So, we wanted to recreate at the store that same collection you would have at home. For that purpose we decided to work with three different actors: renowned brands, newbies (smaller companies like dassie or art & atmosphere) and young artists. All of them work sustainable, are socially engaged or implement ecological values.” Read more

Time for a DETOX!

Time for a DETOX!

Eva and Rebecca / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

Throwing your old clothes away whenever you get tired of them is no longer an option. Especially now that we can find a long list of initiatives created to give us interesting alternatives to renew our wardrobe without having to enlarge the waste cycle or pulluting the environment any further. Would you like to have an example?

Last Saturday, June 13, we attended the clothes swap party organised by Greenpeace Düsseldorf in the framework of their global DETOX campaign. The approach of the event was that you could bring in some of those clothes you haven’t been wearing that much lately, and in exchange you could take home as many other t-shirts, trousers, dresses, shoes or complements as you wanted. Of course, the first premise was not a must. If you were just stepping by spontaneously you could still pick something up for free!

Read more