Love and peace and handmade treasures

 Hippy Market Punta Arabí IBIZA // PHOTO: Rossana Photography

There might be a few things about Ibiza you didn’t know if you haven’t been there yet. Apart from its unique atmosphere, beautiful weather and breathtaking serpentines, the place has a lot more to offer. As a matter fact, if you visit the island in the off-season, you might be able to enjoy empty and peaceful bays and beaches wrapped up in the most magical light.

But we are not done yet. Ibiza also offers a great opportunity to experience history together with shopping.  Have you heard about its famous Hippy Market? Read more


“On 24 April every year, Fashion Revolution Day brings people from all over the world together to use the power of fashion to change the story for the people who make the world’s clothes. We want fashion to become a force for good. We believe in an industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure. We believe transparency is the first step to transform the industry. And it starts with one simple question: Who made my clothes?

Source: Fashion Revolution

Time for a DETOX!

Time for a DETOX!

Eva and Rebecca / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

Throwing your old clothes away whenever you get tired of them is no longer an option. Especially now that we can find a long list of initiatives created to give us interesting alternatives to renew our wardrobe without having to enlarge the waste cycle or pulluting the environment any further. Would you like to have an example?

Last Saturday, June 13, we attended the clothes swap party organised by Greenpeace Düsseldorf in the framework of their global DETOX campaign. The approach of the event was that you could bring in some of those clothes you haven’t been wearing that much lately, and in exchange you could take home as many other t-shirts, trousers, dresses, shoes or complements as you wanted. Of course, the first premise was not a must. If you were just stepping by spontaneously you could still pick something up for free!

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Interview with Jaime de Vizcaya and Yuan Long

The couple behind 2.elämä walks us through the four years of adventure since this eco-friendly design firm was established. Get ready to know all about their astonishing Body Harness Collection 2015.

Yuan and Jaime in their office
Helsinki-based designers Jaime de Vizcaya and Yuan Long. / PHOTO: 2.elämä

It’s been four years since the beginning of the 2.elämä project. How has the brand evolved through this time?

Jaime: Part of our evolution has been that we have been working little by little in different areas. 2.elämä’s designs are now present, not only in jewellery, but also in fashion and home decoration. We have even carried out some interior design projects and we’ve collaborated with other companies.

Yuan: But maybe our biggest achievement in all this time is that we have fulfilled our original idea, which was to set up an eco-friendly design brand called Toinen Elämä (2.elämä). It is important to remember that the fact that a product has been manufactured under environmental concerns is not enough. Design, originality and functionality have to be present too. After these four years we have reached certain awareness within our field. In Finland people now recognise our brand and they talk about it.

The Finnish economy is now going through a period of recession. How has this situation affected you as entrepreneurs?

J: Our practises and philosophy have helped us keep floating despite the current situation in Finland. Sustainability can be understood as a political and social concern, but there is also an economic side to it. We produce locally, which means we don’t need to have a big stock. On the other hand, the fact that we are working with recycled materials makes it easy for us to establish a mutual-benefit relationship with other companies. We go and directly pick up some of the items they want get rid of. This way, they spare the money of transporting them to the recycling centre and we obtain the materials we will be working with. Read more