Klaudia & Eva



For a while now we have been highlighting the following message: when it comes to fashion, sustainability starts with taking good care of your clothes and wearing them as long as possible. Of course, it’s important to empower local family business and green fashion initiatives by purchasing their products, but a rational consumer behaviour entails thinking before buying. As some of you already know, it takes 2720 litres of water to make a simple t-shirt – that’s the amount we drink over a 3-year period. This basically means that if you end up buying that t-shirt, it will be your responsibility to make sure these natural resources weren´t spent for nothing.

That´s reason why we always need to ask ourselves these questions before buying new clothes:

  • Do I have already something similar in my closet? And, if so, do I really need/want to have it repeated? (Sometimes just changing the accessories you can create a whole new outfit with the same pieces!)
  • How versatile is this? Can I combine it with different colours and textures?
  • How long is this going to fit? Is it so tight that the moment you gain half a kilo is not going to button anymore?

Well, get ready. The ecoKomorebi team is about to show you that the longer clothes stay by your side the better. We just can´t help it… We are KEEPERS!


EVA – My white-dotted memories

The story. My mother bought me this dress from ZARA. I don’t even remember the exact moment, but it was in the Spring of 2013. I was about to start a six-month internship at a Finnish newspaper in Helsinki, and I used that trip home ( home means Madrid) to update my wardrobe a little bit. Well, it has been over three years now, and I am not planning on getting tired of it any time soon. What I like about the dress is that I get to wear it both in summer and winter. When the weather is nice outside I just need to get the right pair of sandals – sometimes even with a touch of colour to light it up – and I am ready to go. If, on the contrary, we are talking about one of those rainy days I love that much, I reach out to a pair of dark thick stockings and a wool jacket… and I am all set again! Versatile clothes like this are simply the best. You get to wear them so much that they stop being mere pieces of fabric and become memories.

Upcycling commitment. Like I mentioned before, I am sure the dress will still stick around my closet for a long while. However, the moment it doesn´t fit that well anymore or I am simply in need for new fashion inspiration, I won´t toss it away. Instead, I plan to turn it into two different pieces: a top and a skirt. I guess I will have to learn the basics of sewing in order to succeed at it but, since the dress has already been shaped around the waist, I hope it won´t be too difficult. (Otherwise I will make sure it lands in the hands of someone worthy of such a faithful companion.)


KLAUDIA – Vintage is always fashionable

The story. I bought my beloved summer dress in white and blue five years ago. I saw it in a shop in Cologne when I was visiting my favourite shopping friend and fell in love with the vintage pattern right away. But I have to admit, that in the beginning I wasn’t wearing it that much. However, it wasn’t long until I started realising its many advantages. Its thin fabric makes it perfect for those epic summer nights surrounded by good music, close friends and positive vibes. I remember taking it to the Carnival of Cultures, where we were dancing on the streets of Berlin on a memorable girls-weekend.
On the other hand, when the weather starts to get colder, I can easily combine my favourite jean jacket and beige boots with it. I always felt well dressed – for city trips, parties and even to go to the beach! I hope my relationship with my personal must-have will last for several years… because vintage will always be stylish.

Upcycling commitment. It may sound weird, but the dress pattern reminds me of some vintage dishes my grandparents used to have and I always liked a lot. That is why I can also imagine it as a nice homeware pattern. So I think I will knit a special pillow case out of it, or two – one as a gift to someone I shared memories with in that dress. Or maybe a jute bag, which is never out of fashion, like the dress itself.

The little pleasures of buying (and selling) second hand

The little pleasures of buying (and selling) second hand

A shop full of surprises. // Photo by ROSSANA Photography

There is no better way to realize how much stuff you have that you no longer use than facing the draconian task of organizing your closet. It’s amazing the quantity of non-practical items we are able to accumulate there through the years – even when you try to consume rationally and buy just one, two (or even none) new clothes per season.

So, if you are looking for ideas to downsize, but care about the environment and don’t want to get rid of things by throwing them away, you should pay attention to the following solution.

A few weeks ago we visited a very special second hand shop in Düsseldorf called BROKE (Tussmannstrasse 5). It was truly interesting to get to know the owner and discuss with her more in detail the way in which the business works. She told us, for instance, that everyone is welcome to bring their old clothes, shoes and accessories to be re-sold in there. Of course, the better the condition of the items, the more possibilities you have to succeed in your goal.

In this case, the prices are fixed in agreement between the owner of the clothes and the shop manager. The items will be shown at the store over a 3-month period and the benefits coming from the selling are divided 50% for each part. What means, not only will you gain space in your wardrobe but also a little economic profit will come out of it.

On the other hand, remember that second hand shopping brings us a lot of pleasures also from the consumer point of view:

Environmental. You will be preventing the clothes from slowly decomposing in a landfill while releasing heavy metals into the soil and groundwater.
o Economical. You will save money when buying, and make money when selling.
o Sentimental. The clothes that have been worn by somebody else already have a story and, from the moment you buy them on, you will be responsible to continue writing that story. In a way, this means you will be connected to the complete stranger who first owned them… How fun is that?