9 reasons to love convertible dresses (II)

Dress by Mimètik Bcnblue dress14. Are perfect for matching bridesmaids. If you are getting married and want to have your closest girls dressing up harmonically, you should have a look at this option. You can choose long convertible dresses for them – not necessarily in the same colour, sometimes it looks even better if you go for a concrete palette of light blues or purples. This way you can get an awesome optical effect on your wedding pictures.

5. Adapt to changing life phases. Like we mentioned before, since this type of dresses fit different sizes, you don’t have to worry about not being able to use them if you gain or lose a couple of pounds. Actually, they even look great on pregnant women…

6. Connect with your personality. It’s nice to have a piece of clothing that shows how you are feeling, or even a part of what you are, to the world. Convertible dresses allow you to step out of the box by letting you decide what part of yourself you want to highlight on a concreate day. Do you want to show off that cool tattoo on your back? Would you like to attract the attention to your décolleté? Or, who knows, maybe today you are feeling more shy and want to wear them with a tube top and wider straps… It’s totally up to you!

TEXT: Eva Blanco


DRESS: Mimètik Bcn