Adiuvantes – Finding inspiration in unexpected places

Interior @ Adiuvantes / PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

What are the first things that would come to your mind if you had to describe Amsterdam? Most of you might mention the canals, the many bicycles, the coffeeshops, Anne Frank, Van Gogh, beautiful little cafés and boutiques… and of course the Red Light District!

If you think about the Red Light District, certain pictures pop up in our heads – that’s for sure. The one thing you would probably never associate with the area is a concept store selling beautiful and sustainable products. But it is there! And we have found and fallen in love with it.

The name of the store, Adiuvantes, finds its origin in the Latin word “collaboration”. The owner Femke shares the same believes with a variety of brands all over the world: honest and pure products using natural resources and working in community. That is why Femke sells excactly those kind of items at Adiuvantes.

Entering the store, you experience a warm and inspirational athmosphere. You find clothing, jewelry, homewear, hair- and skincare that are carefully picked out and arranged with lots of love and an eye for design and beauty.

“You are guaranteed to find something that is hand picked and uniquely you.”

But see for yourself ! So if you are living or visiting Amerstdam, don’t miss out on taking a quick glimpse into the Red Light District (Oudezijds Achterburgwal 121 A). You will not regret it.

TEXT & PHOTOS: Rossana Altrhein