A powerful reason for philanthropy

Gineta Sweater, knitwear collection. / PHOTO: Julia Puig

Cristina Garrosa is about to turn her life upside down. After a few years of working as a graphic designer, this young Spanish talent has now decided to dedicate all her energies to her passion for fashion. She doesn’t have a long background in the industry but she has something that’s much more interesting than that: the will to make things right. Through the following lines Cristina tells us all about Filantropic – her recently created brand-, and reflects on the importance of contributing to the local economy. “I really wanted to create something MADE IN SPAIN,” she states.

How would you define the style and philosophy of Filantropic? What made you take a step forward and create your own brand?
I’ve always loved fashion but when the time came to choose a field of study for my degree, I thought it would be the best to give up on it in order to get more professional stability. The funny thing is that after graduating I ended up being highly disappointed with the current employment situation in Spain anyway. So this time I didn’t hesitate: I was going to pursue my dreams. Filantropic is everything that inspires me. It’s my way of expressing myself through fashion and it also captures my ideals and principles. I design colorful and versatile items, unique pieces that have their own character. To do so, I use first-quality materials with the aim that my designs will last over time.

Madrugada MiniSkirt and Aurora Poncho. / PHOTO: Julia Puig

Could you give us a little summary of these first months in the process of consolidating the brand?
Well, first I was approaching Filantropic as a long term project, but the truth is that I am positively overwhelmed with the results I’ve gotten so far. More and more people are starting to trust the brand, and I have already established contacts with shops that are interested in commercializing my designs. I am also surprised to receive good feedback and exciting collaboration proposals from half a world away!

How did you adapt the ethical fashion values to the production process and to the integral business plan?
My ultimate goal is to manufacture fashion in an ethical and responsible way. Thus, I have decided to work with small Spanish textile workshops so that I can contribute to the local economy – and ultimately guarantee the rights of the workers. Furthermore, I have recently established contact with groups at risk of social exclusion so that we can start collaborating for future collections. This way I can also do my fair share to promote social integration by offering new employment possibilities to these people.

Alma Sweater – a colorful wink to Autumn. / PHOTO: Julia Puig

Why did you decide to bet on sustainable fashion?
I think the fashion industry needs a change. The consumer’s profile is also shifting towards a more critical attitude – people start asking themselves what’s behind the clothes. With Filantropic I want to put my grain of sand to contribute to this change. I want my brand to be much more than a fashion label: I want it to be a life project for me. I want to keep growing also on a personal level. For this to happen, it’s necessary to start by doing things right.

Impossible not to fall in love with these beautiful scarfs. / PHOTO. Filantropic