GOODTYMES are coming

Cris is wearing the t-shirt “kurznach” and Eva the pullover “viertelnach”
/ PHOTO: ROSSANA Photography

Buying a cool t-shirt and at the same time supporting a social project is now not only possible but extremely easy. Thanks to the fresh approach developed by the German brand goodtym, you can now spice up your wardrobe and do something good for the world with only a few mouse clicks.

Created recently by a very special trio of young gentlemen – Florian, Michel and Milan -, goodtym combines some of the aspects that make it possible to reconcile the terms “fashion” and “sustainability”: Their collection has been made out of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton (GOTS certified), and a significant part of the revenue is destined to fund fair causes.

“Our goal is to provide a good time for the costumer, but also a good time for the environment,” says Florian. “In the future we want this new kind of consume alternatives to be seen as something natural, nothing out of the ordinary.”

For the time being, goodtym is supporting a reforestation project in Nicaragua. But, how does this cooperation work? First, you go to their online shop and select a product from the catalog. Once you are about to purchase it, you need to know that the first tree to be planted is always included in the price; however, you have also the option to extend your donation by adding a larger number of trees to your order.

“We had heard of similar projects before, brands that had also been built upon the concept of social responsibility,” explains Florian openly and continues. “But the thing that was missing most part of the time was that you didn’t have a consistent follow-up of your spending. You usually know what charity you are going to support, but then it’s difficult for the people to see what happened with their money. So, in our case, we wanted to offer our costumers a very individual and transparent approach in that way.”

That’s the reason why they created labels inspired by the idea of a treasure map. Everybody gets a personal ID they can enter on a specific website and, for instance, find out where the tree they have helped planting is exactly located. Who knows, maybe if you are up for a bit of adventure you can even pack your suitcase and go visit it!

“I’m confident in the future we will be able to include more projects with different characteristics – not all of them necessarily environmental. This way, our customers could decide to support the cause they feel most engaged with,” concludes Florian with a smile.