Fräulein Bredow, where GREEN is more than just a colour

The shop’s brochure

What am I doing here? That’s exactly what Sia Bredow asked herself after having worked as a designer for a few years for the conventional fashion industry. “Everything was so contrary to my beliefs, until one day I just quitted,” explains Sia to us while enjoying a cup of green tea. “I was totally unhappy, but that’s not easy to see when you get all caught up in the daily routine. Sometimes you are just too used to the things that surround you to be able to refelct on the troubles you are facing.”

After dropping her job she needed a break to figure out what her next step was going to be. She wanted to reconnect with herself and listen to her own thoughts – without feeling the influence of other people. So she decided to take some time off and headed out to the North of Spain, where El Camino de Santiago (also known in English as the Way of St. James) awaited her. She started in Le Puy en Velay, in France, and travelled nearly 2000 km by foot.

Once back in Germany things were fastly set in motion, and in August 2013 she had already given a new direction to her professional life with the opening of Fräulein Bredow – Green Concept Store. Located in the neighbourhood of Derendorf, on Roßstraße 9, this spacious and well lit boutique sells clothes and complements produced by different eco-friendly brands.

The German designer Sia Bredow

“I couldn’t imagine myself going back to the kind of job I had been doing before,” comments Sia. “On the other hand, I knew I wanted to start something on my own. Everything that had been bodering me was just so obvious now. I had to stay in the fashion business because I love it and I am good at it. I just hate the fast fashion industry: the pollution of the rivers and the air, the chemicals added to the fabrics we wear and the unfair treatment of the workers who produce the clothes.”

That’s how she started researching for new fashion labels socially and environmentally commited, just to find out that there was already a great number of initiatves of the kind. After paying a visit to the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin, where she checked the quality of the clothes herself and established contact with the brands representatives, she decided to make her first order. One and a half years later we can find labels such as Alma & Lovis (Germany), Komodo (UK) or Lanius (Germany) filling the shop with colours, textures and charm.

Insight into the shop

Slow fashion as an added value
Miss (Fräulein in German) Bredow knows well what she wants to offer to her customers. “I like black, but also enjoy Summer colours,” states Sia. “I would define the shops style as sophisticated, timeless, clean and feminine; with modern shapes that are independent from fast trends – but without loosing fun in fashion! Furthermore, I am always looking forward to exploring new fabric possibilities.”

Sia says she wants the customers to step inside her store because they are convinced by the quality and the design. “Someone who shops in my store can be sure that everything is sustainable and doesn´t need to worry about it. In an ideal world, it would be like this everywhere.”

TEXT: Eva Blanco

PHOTOS: Rossana Photography