Can we be Wood Friends?

Yes, I know what you are thinking…It is about time to make a long stop in Spain (my beloved homeland!). We share the same opinion, so this last post before our Christmas holidays will be dedicated to a blooming brand based in Valencia, on the warm Mediterranean seacoast.

Glasses frames made out of wood. // PHOTO: Wood Friends

 While studying at the university, Roberto Martínez, who had been long fascinated by sunglasses, was required to write an essay on brand creation and design for one of his courses. However, his ideas jumped fast from the paper to the street. The project he presented had so much potential that his professor encouraged him to look for an investment in order to breathe life into it. The truth is that it didn’t take him long to find a perfect match for a partnership: a local eyewear shop called Óptica Ferrer.

That’s how Wood Friends began its journey in the late Summer of 2013. The original approach of the brand consists of producing handmade glasses whose frames have been made out of recycled beech wood that comes in chipboards all the way from Finland.

Glasses 100% made to personal specifications. // PHOTO: Wood Friends.

 Some of the first steps of the delicate production process have to do with the cutting and bending of the wood itself. A  work carefully developed inside the walls of the optical shop’s atelier, whose origins go back to 1957. The great experience accumulated over all these years by this family business plays a crucial role to help overcome all the difficulties originated from the use of such an unusual material in the glasses industry.

The team behind Wood Friends seek for inspiration in the trends of the season, to subsequently create their own design-proposals taking in consideration the nature of the material they are working with. In this sense, one of the things that contrubutes to the brand’s singularity is that the costumer is given the possibility to combine their favourite model with the colours they like the most – a choice that not only includes the frame but also the lens, which also counts with different features. Actually, the costumers can even decide to write their name (instead of the brand’s one) on the side piece.

As a result of this, the final product offers a very high degree of customization, a concept that has always been attached to the brand’s philosophy. The idea is to sell glasses that end up becoming unique complements that are capable of drawing all the attention to them. Exclusive samples of artisan work that talk about our tastes and personality – always highlighting our wood friendship with the environment!

Different models and colours to choose from! // PHOTO: Wood Friends.


…and you can even write a message on the side piece. // PHOTO: Wood Friends

Text: Eva Blanco