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Hola a todos! Hallo an alle! Hi everyone! My name is Eva Blanco, I am 25 and I come from Spain. I studied journalism in Madrid, and I was lucky enough to spend the fourth year of the degree in Finland as an Erasmus exchange student. My experience in the northern country was so amazing that I decided to go back after having obtained my qualification. Thus, I lived in Helsinki for yet another year in which I had the opportunity to work for a Finnish weekly newspaper and monthly magazine published in English. Subsequently they are called Helsinki Times and SixDegrees.

Last December I moved to Düsseldorf (Germany). Ever since I got here my top priority has been learning the local language. The German grammar is a nightmare. I am sure the group of guys who created it are still laughing at us. But, as a whole, I’d say that I am getting to like it. When you study a language in such an intensive way it’s easy to notice a fast progress, which at the same time motivates you to keep up the hard work – though some days you wish you could just go barking around.

Anyway, at some point I started to feel the need of doing something else apart from attending classes. I wanted to be active as a journalist again, and I thought the best idea to do so was to start a thematic blog. I had always found fashion inspiring and entertaining, but the truth is that I wasn’t interested in creating the average style blog. I wanted to show a different approach to the fashion industry by focussing the contents only on those brands and designers who were strongly committed to the concept of SUSTAINABILITY. That is how I came up with the idea for this project. Fashion wasn’t enough; I wanted fashion with conscience. I wanted to discover and introduce initiatives built around words such as “organic”, “low environmental footprint”, “recycled materials”, “handmade”, “crafts” etc. Not because I was already a regular consumer of these products, but because one day I wanted to become one. I think it’s time to question the procedures employed for mass production and challenge ourselves to stop irrational and compulsive consumption. Let’s reconnect with nature and seek comfort in our roots.


My name is Rossana, I am 25 years old and currently finishing my Masters degree in Business Administration. I am from Siegen but currently living in Düsseldorf. I really love this city. It’s so miscellaneous regarding places, people and lifestyle. Walking through Düsseldorf feels like being on vacation everyday – either if you walk along the Königsallee, sit at the so called Paradise-Beach by the Rhein or walking through solitary streets with little coffee shops and small town atmosphere. I find this city very inspiring and a great place to become creative.

Since I was little I loved photography and music. While I became older, I always sought to follow my passion. And so I searched for a band where we would write our own songs. At present we are recording our first Album. Besides singing I really enjoy outdoor people photography. I find it very interesting to get to know new people and it makes me happy to capture moments in which their true beauty unfolds.

Since I started to reflect more and more about how the economy functions and links to consumer behavior, especially during my course of studies, I realized how each one of us harms the environment and lots of people while we try to buy things at lowest costs – either i.e. within the food or the fashion industry. Fortunately one can observe a great change in society’s values.

I was so happy when I got introduced to Eva by a friend. She told me about her idea to create a blog about sustainability. I am really fortunate to be able to contribute to this wonderful project in form of photo reportages.

I think each one of us can use his or her talents to live their dreams and at the same time contribute in a positive way to this world that we live in and which gives us so much back.


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  • December 10, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Thanks a lot! Comments like this give us the energy we need to keep up with the good work 🙂 Stick around! Best, Rossi&Eva

  • January 27, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    Thank you very much! It’s so good to see how people find their way to our blog and appreciate our content.

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